Drones For Firefighting Nov20

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Drones For Firefighting

As drone technology is advancing, new uses of drones are similarly arising almost every day. Here are a number of articles about the use of drones to assist in fighting fires.

Putting aside the obvious benefits of using drone-mounted devices to assist in emergency response, such use presents some interesting legal questions that are as yet unresolved in California:

  • Is the video a public record under the California Public Records Act?
  • What if the video captures pictures or sound recordings of information that arguably is private, or contains Personal Identifiable Information?
  • Is a fire district, or other fire fighting agency, liable for damages or injury caused by the drone use?
  • Could private drone use, for instance by the media, interfere with a public emergency responder’s use, and what are the First Amendment rights to use a drone in a situation where a public drone is already being used?

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