Drones and the Second Amendment Dec09

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Drones and the Second Amendment

Here’s a recent op-ed from the Washington Post that buries a provocative question to add to the growing list of questions presented by the exploding use of new and innovative drone technology

The author writes, almost as an aside: “If the Second Amendment grants the right of gun ownership to individuals for self-defense, does it allow them to fly their own defensive drones?”

One line of thought is that drones themselves are not the issue. Rather, drones just provide a new platform for traditional activities.  The use of private weaponized drones is a scary idea, but not an obviously illegal one.  To the best of my knowledge, Wisconsin is the only state that has outlawed weaponized drones—and it passed such a law only in 2014.

Here’s an op-ed piece from the Washington Post urging, among other things, a complete ban on weaponizing drones for private use:  Self-Defense Against Overflying Drones.