Drones Over Sports Arenas

On October 27, 2014, the FAA updated its ban on airplane flights over open-air stadiums with 30,000 or more spectators to include drones.  For the first time, the FAA Notice also explicitly states that violators could be imprisoned for up to a year.

The ban doesn’t apply to indoor arenas.  Drones are now so small and so easily secreted in a backpack, that operators of indoor arenas also have cause for concern.

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Drone First Amendment

Here’s an interesting article on First Amendment implications of growing use of drones by the media.

In California, many cities are starting to consider regulating drone use within their jurisdictions.  Any such regulations will have to survive First Amendment scrutiny and will have to be reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.  How courts will apply traditional public forum analysis to airspace is one of the many interesting and unknown legal questions presented by advances in drone technology.

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